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Dinoski is taking you to a real adventure

A fun solution to what is usually believed to be a fairly uninspiring market!
Cub the Lion

Dinoski's ‘Roarsome’ animal themed snow suits for children are designed for kids but with parents very much front of mind.
The aim of Dinoski is to create a range of outerwear that kids would want to wear, making the job of getting the little ones dressed in the morning much easier. Furthermore, added Teflon anti-stain coating repels tough stains, even tomato ketchup or hot chocolate!

Spike the Dinosaur

The snow suits are fully machine washable and tumble dry safe, having extra long front zips to make toilet trips easy and a helmet friendly hood that can be resized to fit over a head or helmet.

Dinoski's unique range of bright pastel colors keeps the kids visible even in bad conditions and with their taped seams, fully waterproof fabric and microfiber insulation, you can be sure that nobody is getting cold!

Hop the Bunny

Each suit is a character with the first three being Spike the Dinosaur, Cub the Lion and Hop the Bunny. The brand has worked closely with illustrator Jane Foster to create the characters and short stories for each of them, including a story book with each of their orders.

Moreover, this year Dinoski has decided to introduce its collection in a very special bus. Yes, it'll be there at Playtime Paris, so don't miss a cool possibility to check the brand!
The brand will be at Playtime Paris on January 26-28, booth A16!