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Breaking free with Gardner and the Gang

GATG brings rock'n'roll to kids fashion!

Created by Kristin Nystrom in 2012, Gardner and the Gang is a children's clothing brand.

Kristin Nystrom, the creative director of the brand, is a true fashion lover. Ever since she was a little child herself going to kinder garden, she has always loved putting different outfits together and challenging the commonly accepted norms.

A never ending love for using bold colors in a combination with the brand's philosophy that all people should be allowed to own an individual style and any style should be accepted lie in the core of Gardner and the Gang.

All of the brand's collections carry as the main message the importance of non-prejudice and kindness.

The new AW'19 collection The Band is inspired by 3 huge influencers for Kristin:

  • Kate Moss and her rock'n'roll fashionista vibe
  • Freddy Mercury for his sensational life story and incredible inspirational music
  • Iris Apfel for her being the epitome of individuality.
Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time...

"Goes on a tour around the world to the most remarkable places. With their style, charisma and love they make people happy. The only prerequisite to come to a concert is to be kind to your friends and accept all the others for who they are."

It's all about the glitter, shine and colours now more so than ever!

To unveil our little secret, GATG was the one to make cool uniforms for our Playtime staff of the upcoming editions!

Meet the brand at Playtime Paris on January 26-28, booth J15!


AW'19 collection of GATG