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Big « bisou » by Veja x Mathilde Cabanas

Veja, the famous eco-friendly sneakers brand, just launched a new pair of sneakers Veja x Mathilde Cabanas with the French illustrator.

The shoe "Esplar" was chosen to wear the iconic print "bisou" (kiss) made by Mathilde Cabanas. It was the common love for fair trade that motivated the brand and the young woman to team up. Indeed, Veja is known as the fair trade sneakers brand. Ever since they started in the industry, they've been committed to produce sneakers that respect booth humans and the environment. They work directly with small Brazilian producers organised in cooperatives that provide them with organic cotton and wild rubber from the Amazon. That way, they make sure to produce items while protecting the ecosystem and to secure a good quality of life to the local population at the same time.

The sneakers are available with scratch for children. But grown ups don't worry, they've also thought of you with a version with laces too. Thanks to these sneakers you will get to spread some love around everywhere you will go!


Veja x Mathilde Cabanas