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Beginning of a poem: Hilda Henri's SS18 collection

Focus on Hilda.Henri's SS18 collection on the theme of beginnings.

A few months ago, we shared a sneak peek video on our Instagram of Hilda.Henri's SS18 collection. Both fascinating and poetic, we were eager to know more about this new collection, already knowing and loving the wonderful world of Hilda.Henri.

"In every beginning there's the opportunity for something great - and there's no better time than spring/summer to remind us.
While watching our daughter scribbling her first letters and words we were incited to read our favorite books again - with a fresh look. While painting and working on our prints we discovered the power of the sketch-like and decided to focus on this.

BEGINNING OF A POEM has become a line with sketchy prints, strong color accents and playful opportunities to combine.

Verena and Mirkus, the people behind Hilda.Henri, maintain the spirit of slow fashion and emphasize on sustainable and fair production. Hilda.Henri partners are old-established family businesses with a longtime knowledge - settled in between the mountains and nature.

All collections are mainly manufactured in Austria, following the rules of traditional handcraft. It is Verena's and Mirkus' dream that their garments take on an important role in families' lives and get passed along from child to child. The young label from Vienna goes its own way in many respects.

The brand will be showcasing its new collection at Playtime New-York, booth K14! Make sure to stop by their booth to discover their incredible world!

Hilda.Henri's SS18 collection BEGINNING OF A POEM