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Bebe Organic takes us to the countryside

"Over in the Meadow. An ode to slow life..”

Created by Birgit Kadak, Bebe Organic is one of those brands you fall in love with instantly.
Mother of two, Birgit is an apologist of timeless values, as beauty, grace, quality and simplicity: it is exactly the feeling that emanates from her collections.

The brand cares about our little ones's health, as its name already attests. Bebe Organic was created from the need to protect children’s sensitive skin.

Introducing their SS19 collection that the brand will be exhibiting at Playtime Paris, inspired by the aesthetics of meadows, blooming wildflowers, fields full of golden-brown wheat, serene countryside landscapes and sustainability.

"Summer days with blooming nature, freedom and joy where days extend into nights, with barely any darkness in sight."

The collection embodies the brand’s main concerns on sustainability and wellbeing and the founder’s very personal signature.

Light and natural fabrics such as cotton and linen have been used in this collection that fit in this poetic mood of charming simplicity. The designs are classic and romantic with a nostalgic twist adapted to our little ones’ comfort and freedom.

The carefree attitude and earthy tones maintain childish freedom and gracefulness. Poetic and romantic collection with signature elegant styles. The items are designed to be passed down from one child to another and many generations to come.

Don't miss Bebe Organic at Playtime Paris next week, June 30th to July 2nd, booth Q19!


Bebe Organic SS19 collection

Birgit Kadak, Bebe Organic founder