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A Summer Adventure with minimalisma

minimalisma takes you on a journey through summer

Times sure were simpler back when our clothes were knit by our grandmothers and summer lasted forever; when nature was our only playground and the sole worry was not collecting enough seashells. minimalisma’s SS20 collection brings back those ever-lasting summer days when it was difficult to tell where the sky ended and the sea started.

Inspired by the minimalist Nordic Bellevue Beach, designer Maja Akraberg translates her memories into this new happy-go-lucky collection. Here, colours and emotions both come together to form a strong foundation for clothes that speak volumes with merely their existence.

With soft materials of silk blends, crispy cotton piquet and organic cotton, you’ll want to keep twirling with laughter. The vibrant colours of forget-me-not blues, cornfield yellows and poppy reds will guide you home – a soothing place where your heart always heals and your soul always sings.

The sustainably produced luxury basics come with their own benefits - a proud Nordic heritage and the signature silk-seamless collection that ensures a snug fit without irritation. The loose-fit top, voluminous pants, ruffled dresses and stripped basics create a balanced collection with a little bit of everything for every personality.

The beautiful yet simple products will provide a timeless feel to your wardrobe such that they can be easily passed down to younger generations. Once a playground of the designer, the remote North Atlantic Ocean’s archipelagos form the master memory from where all Maja’s designs originate.

Take a moment with minimalisma, and dive back into the memories you never wish to let go off.

The mission is to simply create beautiful products in premium qualities with a timeless feel that makes each piece suitable for passing on to the younger sibling or to save for the generation to come.