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A second life for clothes

Focus on two brands taking environmental issues to a next level!

Large quantities of material waste are produced from textile manufacturing, though we have the ability to minimise and better treat waste. Kid's fashion brands like Mini Rodini and Infantium Victoria have been respectively working towards this change, making from one side upcycled items and from the other, reselling second hand garments from previous collections.

Mini Rodini

Swedish children's wear brand Mini Rodini is an ode to childhood. Playful, creative, and arty, they never stop surprising us with each of their collections. With their new collection simply named Upcycling, the aim of Mini Rodini is to take care of every textile scrap instead of destroying it. Each year, the brand uses the leftover fabric—some of their old favorite prints made of GOTS-certified cotton—are used to create new items for a new purpose.

This time, Lion, Dogs, Butterflies, Black and Red stripes make a short comeback. The collection is in limited edition as they didn't have that much leftover.

Infantium Victoria

Infantium Victoria puts its heart into creating high-end organic and vegan clothing for our little ones. Since 2014, it offers a real alternative to mainstream fashion. Even though all the clothing is designed and made to last, kids are growing really fast, and might not be able to wear them once again.

The brand has just launched IV_PRELOVED, a section on its website encouraging all of their customers to send their preloved items.

"Of course, our organic plant-based products would make a great compost under certain conditions. But it would really be a waste! So much love is put into creating those precious pieces, so we want to make sure that Infantium Victoria clothing would be worn by multiple kids."

Each garment is inspected, washed with natural detergent and repaired if necessary. Last but not least, you will receive a 20% off voucher for your next purchase as a thank you, a great way to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Check out the video below to know more about the process:


Mini Rodini Upcyling collection
The use of leftover fabric makes each collection limited and every item one-of-a-kind, but most importantly it helps to decrease our mutual environmental impact.
Mini Rodini