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A new fragrance for Enfance

The notable Parisian brand launches its perfume!

Being a young brand, Enfance Paris is already well-known for making 100% natural skin care products using the ingredients perfectly adapted for the little one's skin. The brand produces products for each age group: from 0 to 3 years, from 3 to 8 and from 8 to 12 years old, as it takes into account all the needs of the children's skin.

To insure the highest quality, along with the best safety standards and only organic ingredients, Enfance Paris takes care of the most delicate and sensitive skin of children.

Now the brand decided to launch a perfume Eau de Toilette Enfance Paris! A pure, luminous and truly reassuring, the new fragrance is unique in its kind. Based on Italian bergamot, the delicate citrus bouquet as subtle as the first rays of the morning sun.

The scent of neroli takes us directly to the refreshing shade of the foliage of an orange tree with the white musk reminding us the warmth of a mother's arms. Cruelty-free as always, the perfume has a hydro-alcoholic formula, which is paraben free and contains zero dyes.


Eau de Toilette Enfance Paris