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A Magical Autumn of Emile et Ida

It's the witching hour once more,
When the muse comes out to play
He calls me through that magic door
Where galaxies of worlds await
-Belle Whittington

Imagine a pumpkin patch growing in magical soil that never lets you die. The dwelling adjacent to it houses three women and a black cat. Every time the moon shines bright, the house is lit with candles and surrounded by a dense mist.

Did you also think of a teenage witch with a cat named Salem? This winter, Emile et Ida’s new collection embodies the spirit of Sabrina Spellman. Inspired by one of our most important stars of the night sky – the moon – the AW2020 collection takes us to the fictional town of Greendale where adventures and mystery reside.

Travelling the far away lands of storybooks and magic, Emile et Ida have brought up the lost world of childhood back into existence, if only for a while.

With their signature soft, refined and qualitative fashion pieces, this collection is made up of colours of autumn, smells of dreams and sounds of the night with a touch of moonlight and a handful of possibilities. With inspirations ranging from Bambi and the bears to cats and cars, this collection will surely transport you to a galaxy far, far away.

With the dark colours of mystery and thrill, the garments carry undertones of playfulness and humour. The whimsical prints, ruffled details, soft and shiny pelts, lightweight knits, and textured corduroy meticulously bring the collection together. With pinafores and ruffled blouses, plaid dresses, printed sweatshirts, and long cardigans, the garments perfectly outline a typical autumn day when the days are foggy and the nights are full of spooks.

With Emile et Ida, it’s time to embrace the Sabrina Spellman within you.
After all, the witching hour awaits.

Emile et Ida