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What would a world run by children be like?

For President

Kinda magazine is all about photography, this month they bring us a profounding lookbook of Bobochoses with delightful pictures captured by Paul Hyde.

This lookbook comes In full consistency with Bobo’s well-loved beautiful visual identity. The For President press release states that "adults are having kind of a hard time making the world a better place to live in (…) and continues by musing: "What would children do if they were president? What would a world run by children be like?", thus interpreting a broader social question in a playful way.

So, it feels only natural that in the lookbook itself, no extra text is needed to convey the message. Photography takes over and brings us straight into the magical Bobo universe: it is set in a beautiful 60’s manor with lots of different nice corners, like a tennis court, lush green areas, picnic places, and a lovely pool. Everything is well-lived and lovingly cared for without looking too perfect. The kids have taken over and they form a fun community which we’d like to join rather sooner than later.

The imagery is by Paul Hyde who has worked with the brand on their adult collections before. While carefully working on each picture, he manages to make them look effortless at the same time. Paul says the most challenging part of this assignment was the number of images to be shot in a place that had many options and changing light, so he had to decide a lot beforehand and try to stay focused and not second-guess his decisions. They had a lot of kids on set, so he was a little worried that it would get chaotic, but the kids were great. Thanks to there being loads of space at the location, they could play around without any problem and still be close to the action for when they were needed in the shots.

Even though a lot of time was spent beforehand discussing concepts and reference images, it seems that on set, Paul rather followed the kids’ action than instructing them what to do. Thus, the final images are infused with a very authentic feel.

The graphic design is presented in a clear and way, whisking us into the visual universe of Bobo and giving the images room to shine. The collection’s colour palette mixes soft and natural tones with brighter ones, and the same goes for the presentation of images in the lookbook: sun-drenched outdoor images mix with subdued indoor images but they all blend well through the continuous natural look and careful combination of images.

This is not about easy answers, but about our interpretation of things, and the belief that a thoughtful creative community can make this world a more sustainable and happy place one step at a time. Dear Bobo Choses team: Please keep inspiring and infusing us with your positive attitude, sustainable philosophy, and colourful designs!

»For President«

HAIR & MAKE UP Ana Sanchez-Pena
MODELS Andreu, Dilan, Josje, Lula, Luna, Mama, Martina, Momo, Roc, Teo, Wolf & Yulia
BRAND DIRECTOR Adriana Esperalba