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'The Blue Knight' : SS 2021 Trend

Have you ever dreamt of taking the pulse of the season at a single glance?
This is what Playtime offers you to do through its now iconic trend spaces. With the help of INSTINCT creative collective, we invite you to discover our three main trends for spring-summer 2021.

Here's a first look at “The Blue Knight”, the last of our three trends for Spring/Summer 2021.

Our muse: Anna Du, a young American, invented a sub-marine robot capable of locating micro particles of plastic in order to facilitate cleaning the seas. Thanks to her, this theme celebrates children invested in the safekeeping of the treasures of our earth: it is in the cleaning of beaches, the fight to outlaw plastic bags, the preservation of the eco systems, the protection of endangered species… that these children become the knights of the Order of the Blue Planet.

color range

Inspired by:

Anna Du
Biodegradable plastic toys and accessories - Dantoy
Bubble House by Ulrich Muether
Comfortable basics for simplicity and efficiency - Sticky Lemon
Aquatic reflections fragmented by intrusions of blue and green plastic - Hevea
Natural, sandy pastels - Ki et la X Carole Tolila-lunettes ourson
Order of Importance by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich
Offbeat patterns on environmental protection - Sweet Sneak Studio
All-weather clothing - Toastie