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Sum up - Cultural Sentiments, Seasonal Narratives and Trends

During our three-day Playtime show, we had the chance to welcome Nicole Yee and Carrera Kurnik from Fashionsnoops -A Global Trend Forecasting Agency, for a special masterclass about Kids Cultural Sentiments for the new fashion season FW21 and trends.

During this webinar, they explained the real meaning of Cultural Sentiments and told us about the two sentiments which are: Goodness and Amend.

Furthermore, they walked us through elements that feed into these sentiments.

Watch the video to know more about the webinar.

On the last day, they narrated the key AW21/22 seasonal narratives: Bellevie & Homage for the kidswear market and explained how these narratives translate into actual products for kids.

They took us to the journey of the children’s wear forecast and market analysis. In the webinar, you can witness, Moods, color pallets, graphics, key items, accessories, footwear.

Don't forget to look at the new collection on the Playtime marketplace to see how they manifested these sentiments and introduced them in the new collection for AW21.

Thank you Fashionsnoops for these wonderful insights on Kids Cultural Sentiments for the new fashion season FW21 and upcoming trends.

Read about Cultural Sentiments here.

Read about this season's trends here: Bellevie & Homage