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'Share' : SS 18 children's trend

Our trend setter Julie Malait presents the children's fashion trends for next spring-summer 2018.

In these uncertain times, let’s not be afraid to go beyond borders. We must encourage our children to explore new horizons and to go off and discover otherness. Exchanging and sharing are life-affirming values and key to living together.

Materials: muslin, satin
Colors: gold, variations on Turkish delight, burgundy, Cerulean blue, honey
Prints: mosaic, vegetal oriental, kilim
Key pieces: turban, kaftan, harem pants
Key words: cultural blending, Eastern/Western, Turkish delight, oriental mosaic, Topkapi, sharing, cultural exchanges

Discover the Invited artists on this trend space
At Playtime Paris : Clémentine Henrion
At Playtime New York : Fanny Allié
At Playtime Tokyo : Yuko Kanatani


'Share' : SS 18 children's trend