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Season trend alert - welcome back to the jumpsuits!

Since you haven’t heard the news, jumpsuits are one of the coolest kids’ clothes trends around.

As Fashion Snoops expert on fashion trends explained for Playtime that one of the kid's seasonal narratives is Bellevie.. A relentless optimism we can feel in the emergence of comfort, playful and ultra-soft elements. Bellevie, with a delightfully retro shag carpeting, is especially remarkable in items such as playful overalls, cozy coats, etc.

Playtime, among all the new collections for the autumn-winter season 2021 available on its marketplace, selected some of the overalls you absolutely need for your shop!

Did you know people have been wearing jumpsuits since the 1930s?
Overalls are the most comfortable one-piece outfit and all the mothers are looking for something which can be comfortable and gender-neural for their kids, at the end who doesn't want to walk in stylish pyjamas all day?

Don’t miss this opportunity to have some pieces in your shops.

So what are the trends of the jumpsuits for this season?

Let’s jump right into it, shall we?


This fall-winter 2021, kids will be full of stripes! This pattern is offering a deeper experience and creating these wonderful designs.


These are the classics and great for every occasion, especially on playgrounds ;)

Cozy and easy

In the Bellevie narratives, we’re all searching for comfort and sweetness, and that’s what a soft and easy-to-wear overall can do!

Pastel World

This season’s color palette is very bright and still maintains a retro flair, with beautiful soft pastels in the middle. Don’t miss it in your selection!

The Kitsch Floral pattern is a very trendy one this winter 2021. It adds a wonderful feeling of nostalgia, a resurgence of the 90s influence!

Optimistic Prints

Bellevie talks about optimism and the joy of playing especially when our social interactions are limited. So let’s just have fun!


Isn't it wonderful when both your daughter and your son can match their favorite outfit?

We hope by now, you have already made your mind to add some of these to your list.

Find out more about the overalls for boys and girls here in our Playtime Marketplace.