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'Repair' : SS 18 children's trend

Our trend setter Julie Malait presents the children's fashion trends for next spring-summer 2018.

The world has become tired of planned obsolescence and disposability. To counter this, let’s adopt the mending attitude. We’ll teach our children to refurbish rather than discard. We’ll fix and mend with our families and give a second breath to objects. So, what if we all got together and fixed the world?

Materials: denim, recycled, worn-out
Colors: dusty pink, bottle green, faded colors, gray, denim blue
Prints: patchwork, patches, mending-inspired embroideries
Key pieces: jeans, cardigan, kimono jacket
Key words: upcycling, repair, kintsugi, mending attitude, Japanese boro, FabLab, DIY, vintage, flea market, transmission

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'Repair' : SS 18 children's trend