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'Renew' : FW 18/19 kids trend

Our trend setter Julie Malait presents the children's fashion trends for next autumn-winter 2018.

"There, all is order and beauty," wrote Charles Baudelaire. In a soft silence of form and colors, everything intersects in harmony with each other. Style is as purified as can be and finds a subtle balance between presence and disappearance. Tomorrow will be delicate and poetic.

Materials: fluid and aerial
Colors: slightly colored whites, clear grays, ivory, nude, very light tones
Prints: none
Key pieces: thin polo neck sweater, chasuble dress, straight-cut wool coat, ballerinas
Key words: no gender, minimalism, neutral ground, futurism, sensitive data, pure, delicacy, chic, poetry, harmony, sleek

Discover the invited artists on this trend space
At Playtime Paris : Mélanie Clénet
At Playtime New York : Sophia Sobers
At Playtime Tokyo : Michiko Fujita


'Renew' : FW 18/19 kids trend