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'Pathfinders': SS 2020 Trend

Have you ever dreamt of taking the pulse of the season at a single glance?
This is what Playtime offers you to do through its now iconic trend spaces. With the help of INSTINCT creative collective, we invite you to discover our three main trends for spring-summer 2020.

Here's a first look at “Pathfinders”, the first of our three trends for Spring/Summer 2020.

At the dawn of an unprecedented transformation affecting the whole of society, the environment, and humanity, it can be difficult to find one's bearings.
Children, who are more in touch with their senses, are attuned to what nature has to teach them. Let's follow them: they are pathfinders. Yoga, meditation, rites of passage... Using all the means available to find the right rhythm and cultivate the kind of benevolence which gives meaning to their presence in the world.
This takes the form of a daily commitment, of maieutic engagement. In the wake of Timoci Naulusala or Greta Thunberg and other budding activists, they are brimming with good ideas to change our modes of life: they plant trees, cultivate vegetable gardens in cities, recycle garbage, make objects from recycled materials, organize pottery classes to reconnect with the earth and with others. In doing so, they also undergo a metamorphosis and set out to meet their true selves.

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Inspired by:

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Ca me gratte la terre - book by Olivier Costes and Camille de Cussac
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