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'Nova Gaia': SS19 kids trend

This season, our trend-setter Julie Malait offers us an immersion in a universe filled with Kindness.

"What sort of planet will we leave to our children and what sort of children will we leave to our planet?" wonders Pierre Rabhi. The creation of a better world is no utopia. With values like respect, sharing, and love, we can build a kind future!

Here's the first of our three trends for Spring-Summer 2019: NOVA GAIA

Surrounded by flowers and animated with a sense of respect for our planet and all the good things it has to offer, let us celebrate the cult of the mother goddess. Our children return to nature to better follow the cycles of the planet; spring is synonymous with renewal and, this summer, we shall reap the fruits of a better world!

Key words: hyper-naturalness, protection of the planet, spirituality, life cycle, nature, ecology, respect, flower power, wild, mother goddess
Materials: muslin, Georgette
Colors : ocres, coral, forest green, blue lagoon, hibiscus, orchid
Prints: floral
Key pieces: flower crowns, dresses, sandals

Discover the invited artists on this trend space
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At Playtime New York : Christina Watka

Our inspirations are:

Costa Rica Rise Mandala Garden
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Nest We Grow
Jackie Wonders for Rylee & Cru
Alexis Tricoire
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'Nova Gaia': SS19 kids trend