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Mini-me: Clothes for matching moms and kids

A trend that has been increasing in popularity is matching outfits for mothers and their children! Whether a total look or simply matching one piece, this trend is a great physical representation of the strong bond between parent and child. All of these pieces are available for immediate delivery on the Playtime & Kid’s Hub Marketplace, so you can take advantage of the last few weeks to restock your AW21 selection with adorable matching outfits! Whether patterned or plain, these sets are sure to please mothers and children alike!

Dive into this trend below!

mother's fashion breastfeeding
baby fashion top

This top is too cute to handle! From You & Milk, whether worn by babies or moms, this checkered piece is perfectly timeless! Made from organic cotton, this top for new mammas has discreet zippers for breastfeeding. You & Milk prides itself on designing matchy-matchy outfits for nursing mothers and their babies to form a strong bond. The black and white print never goes out of style, and is easy to pair with any color! Nursing is such a point of connection between newborns and their moms, and You & Milk makes sure both look stylish during this daily activity!
Find all their products available for immediate delivery here!

mother fashion dress
girl's fashion dress

Tiny Bunny makes clothes for stylish little ones aged 0-12 years-old and their fashionable mothers! This organic cotton dress with a subtle dot print is a perfect example! In slightly varied silhouettes, these dresses will have mothers and daughters matching effortlessly. Boots and tights pair well with the length of this garment, but heels would also look cute for fashion-forward mamas! This shade of burnt orange pairs well with black or brown accessories, making it flexible to personal tastes. Worn for holiday parties or to celebrate the New Year, these dresses will have girls and their mothers looking beautiful all season long!
Tiny Bunny’s AW21 collection is available for immediate delivery!

mother fashion top
girl's fashion top

This matching top for mothers and daughters from Atelier Parsmei is sure to be a staple in both of their wardrobes! Whether paired with a skirt or shorts as styled by Atelier Parsmei, or with simple jeans and sneakers, this top is as versatile as it is cute! With the subtle cream and white checkers and red accent on the collar, this top is easy to mix-and-match. Not only will mothers and daughters love coordinating their outfits, but also supporting Atelier Parsmei who donates to the Room to Read Organization and Kaveri Vanitha Sevashrama Orphanage. Each purchase helps further literacy and gender equality in education!
Explore their immediate delivery collection here on the Playtime & Kid’s Hub Marketplace!

mother fashion top
kid's fashion top

This matching top from Napaani Organic is stylish for mothers and kids alike! The smock needlework at the collars and cuffs is hand-made, adding a striking design detail to the standard white blouse. Worn with linen pants, jeans, or tucked into black trousers, this top will have mammas looking great! For little ones, pair it with leggings or under overalls for a comfy but cute look! Napaani Organic designs clothes for a natural and organic way of life, clothes that can be worn for all activities and occasions. This matching top will put a smile on the faces of mothers and kids as they enjoy time spent together!
Their AW21 collection is available for immediate delivery, and Napaani Organic will be at Playtime Paris in January and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York in February for you to discover their new collection!

Which matching outfit is your favorite to dress mothers and children?