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Meet the next generation of consumers

If you weren't able to join us at the incredible Earnshaw's seminar at Playtime & Kid's Hub New York, or if you'd simply like to relive it, here is the recording so you can learn all about the next generation of parents - Gen Z! Hosted by Jennifer Cattaui (who you can learn more about here), we dove into this complex consumer's mind with a panel of experts! Jennifer was joined by Erin Rechner, Head of Kidswear at WGSN, Timothy Bishop, a representative from the brand Marais Sky, and Olivier Bobichon, General Manager at the brand Upé.

Re(live) the great seminar anytime here or on the @iloveplaytime Instagram to gain a deeper understanding of how to connect with the next generation!

Thank you to our lovely panel members for their participation, to Jennifer Cattaui for moderating, and to all the brands and buyers that attended in person and online!