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Maternity trend 'Balance' by INSTINCT

This season, Playtime is inviting the creative agency INSTINCT to present its trends for maternity wear for Autumn/Winter 2018-19.

Instinct is a creative agency based in Paris since 2014 that specializes in fashion and beauty.
Mixing trends, innovation and environmental awareness, Instinct’s expertise allows brands to reinvent themselves within a sector that is in full revolution. Its flexible structure means it is able to offer a customized service, tailored to the needs of every client, and to adopt a forward-looking, joyful, and above all human approach to fashion!

Fall-Winter 2018-19 is the season of molting. In order to adapt to a world in constant mutation, let's open ourselves to the possible. Let’s express our most unexpected desires. Let's take the time to find our balance, before starting afresh with renewed energy.

Finally, the third trend for the Fall-Winter 2018-19 season: "Balance"

Winter is lived at a slow pace. Embracing the slow movement. Taking the time to meditate, to surrender to guided power naps, to pamper one's body with natural care. She must find balance through solitary or family activities: above all she must be kind to herself. A return to basics to breathe new life into everything. Materials are soft and warm, from meshes caressing the skin to woolen bed linen and enveloping padded jackets. A color range all about subtlety that whispers neutral tones, to better allow a ripe red and green to resonate. A pale yellow note echoes the winter sun.

Our inspirations in pictures

Shaina Mote
Halo label
Herbivore Botanicals
Carl Kleiner
Balance Ladies & Gentlement Studio
Tara Zadeh bag
Urbanears speakers
Vonnegut Kraft day bed
Lucio Vanotta FW17-18

Maternity trend 'Balance' Autumn/Winter 2018-19 by INSTINCT