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'Make' : SS 18 children's fashion trend

Our trend setter Julie Malait presents the children's fashion trends for next spring-summer 2018.

In a world where everything is going too fast, let’s take the time to make things. In a spirit of kindness, we’ll teach our children values and know-how, and, in doing so, we’ll help them build a better future. Now is the return of the handmade with its small imperfections. Let’s be the artisans of our own change!

Materials: linen, hemp, bamboo, vegetable leather, cotton mesh, crochet stitches
Colors: off-whites, nude, acid pastels
Prints: embroidery, color gradients, natural dyes
Key pieces: apron, embroidered dress, espadrilles
Key words: craft, hand-made, solidarity, equitable, kindness, hand-dye, comfort, Kinfolk, slow life, Hygge

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'Make' : SS 18 children's fashion trend