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The Future is Here

While concerning times peak this year, we wait and warm up to a new season and a new time. We move towards joy and comfort while exploring a new world. As we enter an exciting era of fashion, let’s try to understand how the crisis became a turning point for it, and uncover the Macro Trends for SS21 with Instinct Trend Consulting Agency.

As we move away from uncertainty, the redesigning of our lifestyle leads us to the following three moods –

  • The Protective Attitude - to anticipate the oncoming risks, fashion takes on a protective stance to reassure consumers of a secure environment

  • The Reasoned Attitude - fashion reacts to the current choices that we make. Focusing on conscious buying and selling, we see a shift towards responsible social activity.

  • The Bold & Free Attitude - an opportunity to open up new horizons and challenge creativity, fashion aims to recreate the emotional bond between clothes and the consumers

We believe that fashion is made up of human interactions, and even though our virtual stores are increasing in size they lose their significance without the support of brick-and-mortar shops. We find a need to keep human contact alive alongside the digitalization of brands as we focus on creating sustainable, long-lasting wardrobes with high-quality materials and eco-friendly values.


Bobo Choses