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Lookbook by Kinda... The Campamento

Kinda Magazine is all about taking us on a journey through kids' fashion and photography. This month's lookbook has a bit of quirkiness and it's super fun.


It’s time to celebrate this month’s top look book by The Campamento, a Galician fashion brand known for a strong commitment to sustainability, as well as its playful designs.

Raquel Chicheri, the photographer of this beautiful look book, is no stranger to working with the brand. This is the fourth time they have teamed up, and you can feel the ease of this collaboration radiate in each image. As Raquel puts it, producing with The Campamento feels more like having fun with friends than working. They have a poetic mind and let me play around and express myself.

All the images were photographed in the municipality of A Capela in Galicia, only a few kilometers from the brand’s offices. This is a beautiful and magical place located in the northwest of Spain. Doing the production so close to home was a deliberate choice - a tribute to the land, the people, and the culture they come from and feel deeply connected to.

Here at Kinda Magazine, we like the way the children form a natural unit with the rural architecture, nature, and enjoying their time out in the open. They seem comfortable with each other and with being photographed, so the images feel like (carefully observed) snapshots. This is what the photographer shared with us about the creative process leading to this outcome: »From my point of view, as a photographer, I always try to get good images, some situations are better than others for this, so I always have to improvise and do my best with whatever I have in front of me, that always requires a lot of mental effort, I can imagine the grey matter in my brain working hard to achieve the best possible results.«

Set against white backgrounds, the images sport a light sepia-toned look which makes us anticipate the summery atmosphere. In between, we find a few subtly coloured backgrounds which complement the images’ colour scheme very well. The unpretentious graphic design is done by the brand itself and gives the visuals room to breathe while beautifully complementing them.

The designers share a strong connection with their home area, stating that »being able to appreciate the richness of your own environment as much as the one which is thousands of kilometers away is an art that has to be cultivated.« We couldn’t agree more and hope they will continue to turn this appreciation into many more wonderful collections for us to enjoy. We look forward to seeing what this creative dream team will come up with next!


PHOTOGRAPHY Raquel Chicheri
HAIR & MAKE UP Grial Montero
MODELS Valeria, Candela, África, Diego and Erick from Front Row models
LOCATION A Capela, Galicia, Spain
BRAND DIRECTORS Antía Montero and Jorge Toba