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Little Activist: Clothes that promote change

Kids are growing up in a time of change and awareness unlike ever before. It is important to teach them from a young age how to stand up for themselves and others, how to voice their opinion respectfully, and how to be a force of change. In line with the macro trend HOMAGE, identified for us by Fashion Snoops, clothes are starting to be as expressive as children. The idea of Homage is to advance our culture, while respecting our roots.

Here we have a selection of brands perfect for little activists! Almost as exciting as the messages on these garments, all of them are available for immediate delivery on the Playtime & Kid's Hub Marketplace. These garments have powerful messages that will help kids show off their beliefs!

Here is our selection of brands who make clothes for little ones that speak as loudly as actions.

children's fashion clothing
children's fashion clothing

These pieces from Wawaland speak for sustainability! They urge kids to reduce the use of plastic and to remember that they can be a force of change in the world. Encouraging them to revolt against the past and make a brighter future, these pieces are gender neutral. The fact that everyone can wear these garments helps emphasize inclusion and the responsibility of all of us to help preserve our planet. Wawaland is transparent and open about their sustainable practices and ambitions, showing that they believe in the messages they put on their pieces.
Find them available for immediate delivery here, and come explore their latest collection at Playtime Paris in January!

children's fashion accessory
baby fashion clothing

How cute are these statement pieces for little ones! Love Bubby has what your store needs to celebrate activism, whether in accessories like the “My first protest” cotton bib or garments like this “Little activist” onesie! They remind kids to speak up, to seek change, and to help initiate progress. These cotton pieces are as functional as they are empowering, allowing kids to move and enact change in comfort and style! All of their pieces are printed at a factory in New York that offers employment opportunities to young adults with autism, showing Love Bubby does more than just make statements, they also take action.
Discover Love Bubby and their collections available for immediate delivery here, and check out their booth at Playtime & Kid's Hub New York in February!

children's fashion clothing
children's fashion clothing

From Little Hedonist, these tops speak volumes! Let kids remind everyone they meet that they will inherit the earth and that sustainability is important, so they can enjoy our planet and their futures! Kids will love how easy it is to move around and play in these pieces, while still encouraging change. The garments speak for themselves, so kids can enjoy playtime! Using organic and recycled materials, Little Hedonist creates their basic couture collections that are fashionable and durable. This means they are good for children to move and play in, while being good for the environment because they are long-lasting products.
Check out their collection available for immediate delivery here on the Playtime & Kid's Hub Marketplace!

Activism is important in any season. Add these products to your store and be a part of the movement!