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How interior decoration can help create play spaces for kids

Childhood is a magical moment! Lockdown has shaken up our habits, outdoor activities are restricted and children still asking to dream, create, imagine incredible scenarios in daily life! That's a good thing, children have an inexhaustible imagination, every nook and cranny can become a playground, that's why we have made a small selection of brands to help them to recreate a magical, creative and playful space while remaining design, in order to make the little ones wait!

Somewhere, over the rainbow .. Let's children discover what's there! And lets parents appreciate the fabulous design of Studioloco! Quirky, stylish, aesthetic, enjoy the sun after the rain without leaving your home.

Let's spill the beans for you... these unique panda beanbags... super comfortable and very friendly, these cute panda beanbags are not only for kids but parents and their children can enjoy the quality time together.

Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional! Kids' imaginations should be translated as vividly as possible. With Dhink, children daydreaming will not be restricted under certain parameters but it will give an opportunity to explore as widely as possible.

T-Lab has the heart to convey the artisanal work of wood. Having an original design, while being round and smooth, making these animals very endearing. Perfect opportunity for kids to learn about animals at home in a fun and playful way.

A perfect cozy corner to play, learn or sleep, and to keep all the secret diaries in one corner. What is better place to play hide-and-seek than in the house.

W 110® Collection is a young French furniture brand that aims to return the garden to the heart of home and family life. Who needs a playground when anyone can have this hammock in the home.

This wooden decorative piece is a must and let alone leave this to the kids imagine the idea of the hot air balloon while at home.

It is not only like a giant hug but these are a little joy of happiness that comes wrapping with this cozy pillow.

Why limit the shape of anything when kids have the countless possibilities to explore new shapes and sizes.

Have a doubt? Sign up or log in to our marketplace to have a chat with these brands, yes you read that right, you can have a quick discussion with these brands very easily with the help of our user-friendly platform.

And guess what? The items are available for immediate delivery, it's time to propose your client news for this new season, what would be better than a corner about child's room decoration. That is what parents want now: to make a comfortable and fun place for their children.