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Artist interview : Sophie Larger at Playtime Paris

Sophie Larger is a designer and artist. Her works explore various and voluntarily intertwined areas, ranging from sculpture to object design, from scenography to participative art events. She designs projects which offer ways of reading, projects which make visible and tangible the complex and forgotten elements of the spaces in which her interventions are situated. A sensory relationship to space and an economy of materials (in favoring the use of reclaimed materials) are at the center of her concerns.

Stéphanie Buttier is a landscape architect and artist. She designs sculptures and installations which she integrates with finesse into public spaces or gardens. Through braiding and intertwining, she introduces materials difficult to tame, such as willow, metal, ceramic… and reinterprets traditional methods and know-how, which she refreshes by combining them and by making them undergo formal and poetic mutations.

The four-handed creations of Sophie larger and Stéphanie Buttier bring to mind the wanderings of invasive plants. They compose a version of nature that is imaginary and joyful. The landscape work and writings of Gilles Clément are valuable references for them and generally a great source of inspiration for their visual work.

For the Agricool theme, they recreated one of their 'Invasive' forms, made of rattan, wicker, and intertwined colored wires.

Here's a short video where she's sharing her inspiration, technique and future projects (in French!).


Sophie Larger and Stéphanie Buttier's art installation on the 'AGRICOOL' trend space