Milk Awards winners at Playtime Paris 26th edition

Playtime Paris always brings a lot of excitement!

This year as well, MilK magazine carefully examined all the booths at Playtime Paris in order to reward 4 brands for their style, creativity and innovation. After closely analyzing the booths, the magazine outlined 4 winners in the following categories: Fashion, Best in France, Crush and brand new category, Green. Here are the winners:


Monkind: Based in Berlin, the brand produces childrenswear using GOTS certified organic materials. Since 2014, Valeria and her husband Stewart, have been imagining beautiful minimalistic pieces, aesthetically pleasing, clothes that anyone would want to have.
A well-deserved Fashion Milk Award!


Moumout: The cute French brand making homewear for children from 0 to 6 years old entirely made of cotton. Excellent quality, softness, practicality and style is guaranteed. Tolerating only 0 chemicals in production, Moumout also places emphasis on sustainable production. The brand could have been

Faire Child: Founded by Tabitha Osler, the brand is unique in its kind, making beautiful raincoats out of recycled water bottles.
Faire Child is all about innovation meeting the perfect modern style to create a fully eco-friendly product. A perfect match for this very first Green Milk Award!

Banabae: "Positivity and connection are at the core of everything we do." Just a look at the communicative smile of Jaz, co-founder of Banabae to see how this sentence fits like a glove. Australian brand Banabae is an ethical, contemporary brand designed with a hint of nostalgia. The Milk magazine team fell in love with their 70's vibe, and so do we!

Nawal Doghri