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The unspoiled unbounded Little Hedonist

When you think about your childhood, you are always thinking about how pure and innocent you were. Childhood is a place where anything is possible. Anything. The famous author Ursula K. Le Guin once said « the creative adult is the child who has survived ». The child that we all were is always here, somewhere, in our hearts and minds. Judith Van Venrooij believes strongly in children’s power to be free. The founder of Little Hedonist answered our questions about her brand, with enthusiasm and humor.

Can you tell me a bit more about the name of the brand?
The name of the brand seems a bit edgy but, actually, it is totally not. A hedonist is someone who enjoys life to the fullest. And little is of course for the children!

Why did you found it?
I found it because my private life needed a change. I had two little girls in very short period of time and the work I did previously didn’t fit anymore. I am an entrepreneur from the bottom of my heart and was partner in a production company for television in the Caribbean (Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba, etc). With the little babies, that did not work anymore: time difference, workload in short period, etc.

So, I decide to give it a go in another direction. I'm no designer that has education, here again I work from my heart. I design what I would like to wear myself, in all it soberness. Clothing that has got it all and nothing more: perfect fit + fantastic fabric. I think Little Hedonist proves that 'being boring’ in design doesn’t have to be boring. A good no-nonsense basic collection - with a Raw Edge.

What is the spirit of Little Hedonist?
The Raw Edge is some sort of the philosophy and spirit of Little Hedonist. We use the unfinished lines where we can. Legs, sleeves, necklines. It is a symbol for the unbounded mind of the children. They are not colored by the gaze of social pressure, culture, religion. They are just free. We as grown-ups decide what we put in them and how they develop.

Originally, everybody is born with a free unspoiled unbounded mind.

That's what our raw edge stand for.

Sustainability seems to be a strong value of Little Hedonist. According to you, what is the most important for a children’s fashion brand?
We don’t scream out we are sustainable. But that is because I think all labels and preferable all companies should have sustainable as a value. For me, that is nothing to distinguish yourself from others.
You have to be sustainable. And furthermore, the most important thing is fit and a touch of ‘couture’ in a no-nonsense basic style. Modest tasteful details in styles that make them not just ordinary sober basics.

If you had the opportunity to collaborate with another brand, which one would it be?
A collaboration with another brand... That's a hard one... Is Madonna considered a brand? ☺️ Probably not...
I would probably want to work with Spijker and Spijkers from the Netherlands (Dutch couture) or Iris van Herpen. I think it would be very cool to do a collaboration together. Also, the shoe label ETQ from Amsterdam. But if Nike would call me, I would not say no either! Every collaboration has a challenge and I am open for lots of them!

What are your projects for the future?
Keep doing what we do. Develop amazing styles that complete our basics. Keep the basic collection strong without leaving the path we’ve chosen.
Instagram: @little.hedonist


"We are the Wild Ones", Little Hedonist AW17 collection
I think all labels and preferable all companies should have sustainable as a value. For me, that is nothing to distinguish yourself from others. You have to be sustainable. Judith van Venrooij, owner and founder of Little Hedonist