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Spring celebrations outfit : let's kids be stylish

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for celebrations of any kind! But Celebrations don't mean fluffy & classic outfits! It's a real challenge for parents to find original and uniques clothes for these special days. Trendy, artistic, fun, quirky... elegance can be even more beautiful when it is creative! That's what this Playtime selection of children's clothing brands for special celebrations offers you. Read the full article to find out about it.

Garden Party 🏡

A Garden party is always a good idea! The weather gradually starts and families are chasing the sunlight! Garden parties have their own codes, and it's time to twist it!

La Petite Collection
Bonbon et Bonbon

Wedding 💒

It's wedding day! Here is the thing: being stylish, being unique, without stealing the spotlight of the bride! Light, comfortable, elegant, and of course, creative are the specificities of the ss21 wedding dress code!

Lemon Hair Lovers
Les Petits Inclassables

Birthday Party🎈

Every parent's dream is that their kid looks unique and perfect on their own birthday and we are totally on board with this idea. Birthday parties are one special event which every child remembers, they will not forget how they felt on that special day so these outfits leave that mark while making parents happy.

Twin & Chic
The beet World


These kids’ clothes are playful yet practical with a bit of retro quirkiness. Bright colors and big prints of flowers add to the fun. Outfit should make the playtime more comfortable otherwise it wouldn't be a playtime right?

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