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Kid's interiors shopping guide : Mint green

Mint green is a go-go right now - cool and uplifting, the colour brings about a sense of freshness that is perfect for summer days and calming all year round!
Get inspired by Kids Interiors's handpicked selection of mint green décor items from Playtime Paris Summer 2017 exhibitors brands.

  1. Origami Bathtub boat toy by Oli and Carol
  2. Pale mint silverspoon by Garbo & Friends
  3. Bamboo bowl by Engel
  4. Mintgreen washable cushion by Lorena Canals
  5. MDF and Steel shelf by Design Letters
  6. Baby jersey blanket by Laranjinha
  7. Tractor lunchbox by Blafre
  8. Crocodile poster by Eef Lillemor

Kid's interiors shopping guide : Mint green