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One to Watch: Meet Seven Year Old Artist Giana

We first came across Giana a few months back. Giana has recently collaborated with Meme kidswear who hosted her first show "It's a Cool Cool World". We are just in Awe of Giana and her incredible talent. Junior Style is so thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview Giana and her mum Gena on the run up to the launch of her website.

Giana is a seven-year-old Filipina-Mexican-American Artist most notable for recreating high-end fashion ads using freehand drawing techniques, with various mediums outside of colour crayons. Her mother’s extensive collection of books and numerous print issues of VOGUE, I-D Mag and Harper’s Bazaar, gave Giana no shortage of subject matter to hone in on her creativity.

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JS: At what age did you notice that Giana had this special talent?
Gena: I noticed Giana had a special talent and enjoyed drawing at the age of 3. As a tiny toddler, I always gave her a crayon and paper. She would spend at least an hour scribbling and at times I wanted her to run around and play, but she would not let me take her away from it.
Giana always liked to stack blocks in an artsy and very precise way that resembled intricate buildings. Giana would spend lots of time on how she wanted it to look. We have always taken her to art shows and we even have a video of her at 3 years old pretending she is having her own art show and showing us her work. It is crazy how at 7 years old, everything has come full circle.

JS: What is it you like about drawing and creating art?
Giana: I like that you can use so many things to draw with. I like markers, paint brushes, pens, pencils, crayons and all those things.

JS: How long does it take to create one of your works of art?
Giana: It takes more than an hour or even a couple of days. I have to always make sure I get all my homework done first. So, I might draw it and have to colour it later.

JS: What is your favourite creation to date?
Giana: My favourite one is the picture with the hat and the other drawing with the red fluffy jacket.

JS: How did the Meme Kidswear collaboration come about?
Gena: MÊME followed my personal account on Instagram and was aware of Giana‘s art. They made a comment one day about how Giana should have her own art show. I commented back about how difficult it is for a 7yr old to have an art show in our city. MÊME then commented back on my photo that she would be willing to host a show for her and it all took off from there. Social media played a huge role in her first solo show taking place!

JS: Who is your favourite artist?
Giana: My favourite artist is KAWS, because I like all of his different characters.

JS: Who is your favourite model and fashion designer?
Giana: I like Kate Moss because I drew her for the Supreme ad. Moschino is my favourite fashion designer because he makes crazy clothes.

JS: What other activities are you interested in?
Giana: I really like science because you can mix liquids. I am also a tan belt in karate and I play softball too.

JS: You are so young, so this question is hard to answer but what would you like to do when you are older?
Giana: I want to be an artist and scientist.

JS: Do you plan on doing any further collaborations or exhibitions?
Giana: We definitely have a very cool and unexpected collaboration that is still under wraps. Also, Giana will be having another solo show that will be revealed next month!!

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Photographs courtesy of Gena and Giana: All rights reserved
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Meet Giana, seven year old artist