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As stylish as Korean brands

Six unmissable Korean brands that will be at Playtime Paris!

Grab hold of fashion from around the world to achieve a perfect Parisian adaptation. It's with this in mind that we host the new surge of Korean designers this winter. Synonymous with modernity, they present a highly personalized vision of children's fashion by reinventing style codes as roots are embraced.

Jelly Mallow

jelly mallow
Don't look any further if you're searching for stylish, colorful and comfy clothes for kids! Jelly Mallow is a contemporary premium fashion brand for kids, with the latest grown-up trends. Launched in 2013, the collections are designed to look good, feel comfortable and make kids happy!

At Playtime Paris, BOOTH i02
Instagram: @jellymallow_ms

maybe well
What started off as creating clothes for the extremely active and playful child of the founder, quickly turned into a line of comfortable and stylish clothes as a brand. Maybe Well is a happy and family centered brand that creates colorful street fashion pieces inspired by vintage moods.

At Playtime Paris, BOOTH F16
Instagram: @maybe_well_

Maybe Well

Merciu doesn't compromize on fabric because they believe that fabric should feel good and soft, just like a mother's love and care. Rather than creating seemingly pretty and loud designs, Merciu focuses on creating clothes with natural design that is comfortable to wear indoors and outdoors. This design philosophy is embedded in each piece of our collection, from socks to outdoor jackets.

At Playtime Paris, BOOTH F14
Instagram: @merciustore

Mill and Bory

mill and bory
Mill and Bory is inspired by children’s natural playfulness and innocence. While every piece is designed to be trendy, the focus is always to create comfortable clothes that let children be children.

At Playtime Paris, BOOTH F13
Instagram: @millandbory_official


“As an ex-ballerina and a ballet teacher for kids, I’ve always wanted to create ballet clothes that were both inspiring and comfortable and that’s how Pepi was born. I want to inspire my students to persevere toward achieving their goals. Pepi’s goal is to inspire ballerinas to stay dedicated to ballet. Pepi is comfortable and easy to wear in ballet classes and everyday life.” – Ms Kang Kyung Eun, founder of Pepi.

At Playtime Paris, BOOTH F11
Instagram: @pepi_official_

TAMBERE is built on the value of nature spirit into original, inspired contemporary beautiful pieces. The brand expresses its style with a natural silhouette, overfit and an extremely pure touch of nature. Tambere has become popular after its debut at the 2015 Paris F/W collection, focusing its efforts on unfolding unique identities aimed at creating products that are faithful to the basic and natural style that can be found nowhere else.

At Playtime Paris, BOOTH F17
Instagram: @tambere_official


Maybe Well