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Kid's interiors shopping guide : Ocean wide

The ocean is full of life, just as childrens’ minds; let them explore and daydream about the wide ocean by discovering fun designs – a flying whale, animals on a boat trip, cheeky sharks, a lamp in the shape of a boat and many more from Playtime Summer 2017 exhibitors. Selection made by Kids Interiors webmagazine and inspiration guide.

  1. Shark plate – Petit Jour
  2. Animals in Boat Cup “Lundefulg” (part of a set) – Blafre
  3. Paper boat lamp – Goodnight light
  4. Fish pillow case – Fine Little Day
  5. Whale Frisbee – Coq en Pâte
  6. Seahorse musical soft toy – Pouce et Lina
  7. Paper boat hook – Hagelens
  8. Flying whale poster – Sabre de Bois
  9. Seabird plate «Lundefulg » (part of a set) – Blafre
  10. Blue blanket – Eno Studio
  11. Mermaid plate – Smiling Planet
  12. Fish sleeping bag – Garbo and Friends
  13. Fish rattle – Apunt

Kid's interiors shopping guide : Ocean wide