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Go radiation-free with RADYGO

Over these past few years, smart technologies evolved rapidly. Wonderful though it may be, it also involves additional radiation.

There is ongoing research about the effects this may have on your body. Smartphones, tablets, wi-fi, we are surrounded by radiation 24/7.

Have you ever thought about it? Though it is hard to think about the invisible, when effects are visible, behaviors change.

When a woman is pregnant, the effects are even more harmful to her and her future baby. Reuters press agency reported that "miscarriage rate triple for women with top radiation exposures".

Playtime Paris' brand Noppies wanted to do something about this: they teamed up with RADYGO for a collection with radiation-resistant fabric at belly height to protect this area - and as a result, the baby - better against radiation from your everyday environment.

Items from this collection are soft and comfy, which makes them the perfect addition to any future mum’s wardrobe. They have used the special RADYGO anti-radiation fabric, which blocks outside radiation, for soft and comfy maternity basics.

Here are a few RADYGO tips to keep away from radiation:

With protective clothing (Noppies x RADYGO) you can limit the radiation produces by, for instance, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Always used wired internet connections, or disable your Wi-Fi router whenever you don’t need it (or use a timer). Why leave it on if you aren’t using it anyway?

Unplug any devices you are (temporarily) not using - television, microwave, chargers -nor use multiple sockets with an on/off switch. This will also help yo save money.

10-cm distance
Not wearing protective clothing? Keep your devices at least 10 cm away from your body. Not too far and not too much trouble.

So, preferably not in your trouser pocket. A better way? Keep your mobile phone with the screen facing your body. Because the level of radiation is higher on the back.

Fly Mode
Set your devices to fly mode before handing them to your kids to play games.

Keep electronic equipment such as televisions, clock radios and mobile devices our of the bedroom. It is quiet, relaxed and ensures you get a good night’s sleep (enjoy it while you still can!

What's the better than a video to explain what they call the “RADYGO smart lifestyle":


Noppies x RADYGO smart collection