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Give me everything Japanese

Japanese culture is always a step—or 10—ahead of the curve with influences that radiate outward in the realms of art, culture and fashion.
fäfä FW17 collection

It’s a seemingly endless loop of creativity and inspiration and the fall children’s collections are no exception to the undeniable appeal of all things Japanese.

Soaking up cues straight from the zeitgeist, we see waves of Japanese influence on consumer behavior—from the cultural ubiquity of KonMari philosophy espousing the dogged pursuit of joy in our (and our children’s) closets, to the irresistible, over the top expressiveness and die-of-cuteness kawaii style exemplified by children’s label fäfä.

Some of the most avant-garde designers including Angela Chong of Cavalier and Reina Leilani of même kidswear incorporate a decidedly anti-fashion edge reminiscent of the iconoclast work and philosophy of Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo.

The latter’s work is currently the subject of a fascinating and deeply abstract retrospective at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art that is bound to have ripple effects in New York’s creative community for years to come.

Cavalier FW17 Wild Ones
DEARGIANA wearing même FW17 collection
Ana Ponsa Lopez wearing Little Creative factory

And lately it seems Wabi-Sabi (editor's note: a way of living that focuses on finding the beauty within the imperfections of life) has become the concept du jour, quietly percolating in its celebration of organic imperfections and unexpected volume—Little Creative Factory is the season’s living embodiment of the trend.

There is no end in sight to fashion’s love affair with Japanese influences—avant-garde children’s label Infantium Victoria’s Spring Summer 2018 collection, shown at Playtime New York last August, is positively brimming with it.

What are your favourite Japanese-inspired looks this season?


fäfä, Little Creative Factory and Cavalier