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Getting into Japanese Kids Fashion

From the '60s with Kenzo, then with Rei Kawakubo, Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, and more recently Tsumori Chisato, Japanese haute couture designers have set the tone for a radical, avant-garde Japanese fashion. And guess what in the field of children's fashion, Japanese brands are also creative, beautiful, and yet super comfortable to roll around in playgrounds!

With that in mind, here are 3 examples whose collections are available for sale on Playtime for children's fashion retailers around the world, how lucky! For the already familiar, it’s a chance to rediscover them again. For those less informed, the door’s about to open to a whole other level of creativity and style to include it in your shop this season.


FOLKMADE Started in 2015, making handmade clothes for their daughters. We love how their collection is ubiquitously creative, fun and so comfortable at the same time. FOLKMADE is a bit like those ambiguous artists, you might not know them, you definitely know their work. Wherever you are in the world right now, their classic silhouettes give a perfect taste for Japanese culture fashion altogether. The collection is inspired by the ethnic costumes and local handicrafts and parents are loving their designs so how about having them in your shop this season?
Instagram: @folk_made


Meet TAGO and fall in love at the first site. They are probably the epitome of “avant-garde”, TAGO. For nearly six years, the kids brand’s has been a positive influence on many retailers. The aesthetic of this Japanese brand is best described by its own motto in three words: Creativity, Elegance & Heart. TAGO is about the artistry that combines modern and quintessential designs. The handwritten patterns give an extra edge and are particularly prominent in their work. Trust us, these are the few pieces you don’t want to miss having in your retail shops.
Instagram: @tagolook


Launched in 2014, NUNUFORME has been successful and casual clothes for elegant kids. This Japanese brand for children is known for its very original patterns and especially really unique cuts that we usually see in contemporary Japanese fashion brands for adults. Delicate, minimalist and so elegant, each creation, entirely made in Japan, is a treat for the eyes and yet so easy to wear for a child.
Instagram: @nunuforme

Now that we have walked you through the universe of the Japanese brands from our Playtime Marketplace, why not discover their collections available here.