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Durable, trendy and cozy kids sleepwear, ready to make sweet dreams

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It's not easy to create a line of soft, warm children's pajamas that is original, eco-friendly and stylish. The children's sleepwear market tends to be filled with ordinary cartoon-themed pajamas and boring synthetic nightgowns that are not breathable, too tight and not very stylish.

Our Playtime selection of very inspiring brands offers comfortable, quality and creative baby and kids pajamas. Nightwear for the little ones that are also as natural and eco-friendly as possible, respecting their fragile skin and the environment.
Here are 4 brands where you can make your assortment of pajamas for children with your eyes closed.

Jammie Doodles

Jammie Doodles is one of the most fabulous designers of children's pajamas. We truly love this UK pyjama brand which offers super cool, organic cotton pyjamas from 0-12 years. The prints are really cool and unique, colorful, fun, modern. The collections are unisex and for all ages... the super comfortable and soft outfits will please girls, boys, babies and adults too!
Bonus : 100% Organic Cotton GOTS certified, No minimum order quantity
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In 2017, Erietta and Christina were inspired to imagine a combination of patterns and materials capable of bringing well-being to children. Original designs that act as a trigger for relaxation, imagination and confidence with little ones.
The Big Little Ones pyjamas were born, playful and joyful. Declining their patterns on wallpapers, accessories, bed linen ... the brand pleases both children and their parents.
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The softness, the endurance, the care given to the cut and the colors, it is the signature of Koalav clothes. Timeless, seasonless and arealess sustainable, they are nevertheless hyper stylish and can be worn at night as well as during the day. This Nordic brand is inspired by nature to create soft, simple and very aesthetic basics. An ultra trendy minimalism.
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Care for materials seems all the more important when it comes to children's sleepwear, right? With Organic by Feldman, families are guaranteed a brand that focuses on meaningful design and sustainability. Choosing pajamas from their collections invites you to relaxation and well-being, and to be part of an ethical and more natural world.
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