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Children's fashion is growing up

A signature style, refined details and conscious production, what if everything that makes children's fashion so special was no longer just for the youngest?

Yes, you can admit it: you have already dreamed (and more than once) of your little ones' favorite garments coming in adult size! Because we do! The wish of thousands of women started to come true these past few years, with more and more kid's fashion brands that took the plunge of a women's line.
About twenty brands exhibiting at the show have chosen to follow this path. A nice way to extend the love story with customers who already are won over.

Here are ten of them in alphabetical order:

Arsène et les Pipelettes

The contagious spirit of good mood of Arsène et les Pipelettes has already conquered the world with its 150 outlets. The French brand has not stopped there with its brand new woman collection, mixing the three main ingredients composing the essence of Arsène et les Pipelettes: patinated colors, refined fabrics, along with a sweet hint of charm and insolence.

Bobo Choses

At Bobo Choses, it's all about fun! Their women collection reflects their love of creating unique and colorful designs. Always comfortable AND creative, Bobo Choses knows how to play with trends without ever falling into the mainstream vibe. For the AW18 collection, it is all about feelings and emotions. Message sweatshirts, midi skirts and electric blue velvet, the outfit we have all been looking for this winter.



Simply called Maxi Me, Bonton's women collection is identical to the the little girl's one, and we love that! Mother and daughter can be dressed the exact same when hanging around the streets of Paris: white lace blouses, embroidered denim shirts, velvet jumpsuits and sweet mary janes.


"Do you remember your favorite clothes when you were a child?" Barcelona-based brand started out with this simple question to build its very first collection. As a governing principle since, Búho launched its woman collection with a style of nonchalance and simple but well-studied patterns.

Emile et Ida

From its very first collection launched in 2010, Emile et Ida has been designing deliciously retro basics, inspired by folk, rock and romantic trends, so dear to the creators. It is now women's turn to attire themselves in the unique brand's touch. Vintage-inspired blouses, wool cable sweaters and flare denim are all you need to have for a perfect French look.


LEOCA stands for Liberty, Elegance, Originality, Comtemporary, and Art.
Founded in 2010 by Maud Falcon de Longevialle, the French brand designs premium collections for children. In 2017, the founder has decided to develop women collection, always with the same will of creating each model in an artistic approach. She works every piece in the manner of an artist. The result is graphic and bold, with a hint of seventies vibe.

Louise Misha

We were already in love with Louise Misha's colorful embroideries, we are even more with the women collection. Mother and daughter can now be wrapped in silky and embroidered fabrics, thanks to a selection of pieces available in both sizes.

For their winter 2018 collection, knitted sweaters and cardigans are THE must-have of the range. Delightfully cosy, the floral details combined with delicate and soft fabrics make Louise Misha's women collection unmissable.

Noé & Zoë

Berlin-based brand Noé & Zoé knows how to combine unique, functional and high-quality children's clothing, all this with social responsibility. In September 2017, Nici Zinell, founder of the brand, has decided to launch a women collection, MiniMe, fulfilling the dreams of a lot of women, Noé & Zoé in adult size. Unconventional, graphic, and.... Berliner as we love!


Back in 2012, tinycottons founders decided they would treat their brand like they would an adults brand. Stylish yet bold, their fun designs excites us each time they drop.
Using very high quality pima cotton, the cuts are comfortable and super easy to wear. What they had first decided for kids, tinycottons founders applied it for women. Cozy sweaters, soft pima cotton tops, flannel pleated pants and many more styles for a casual yet modern look.


Wolf&Rita is a mix between modern and graphic designs, classic techniques and past inspiration and traditions.

100% Made in Portugal, Wolf&Rita collections are environmentally friendly and proud to be. Using locally sourced and high quality fabrics, the Portuguese brand designs inspiring collections, always arty and avant-garde.

The woman call has reached many other brands such as Little Creative Factory with their timeless pieces, Louis Louise and their French je-ne-sais-quoi, Rylee + Cru's softly printed designs, and the poetic collection By The Moon by Kids on the Moon. Other brands like Motoreta, Velveteen, and Petite Lucette are working on their women collections and we already can't wait to see them!


Noé & Zoé's MiniMe collection