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Building happiness with Mokulock

Mokulock is one of those rare innovative brands that combine play with sustainability. We could say that taking it even further, they took the top classic toy and made it into an sustainable designer toy!

With global warming at an alarming stage, there is no household left untouched by the necessity to relearn things they do in their daily routine and educate the children to act more sustainably.
Mokulock designs wooden building blocks that look neat and smell good! They use only locally sourced wood called ‘hinoki’.

Their concept is "to foster the hearts of children”, by touching nature through "play" (which is the best way children can learn!). Around a nice fragrance, a soft material or a comfortable sound, they want their products to create a nice feeling and memory, a method used in the Montessori schooling, proven to be successful.
As Japan is well known for its perfectionism, manufacturing everything as professionally as possible is key. Mokulock is committed to quality and they value the beauty of the finishing touches, all made in Japan.

And so far, they're doing pretty well! Their products are already being added to birthdays wish lists by parent who value the Japanese touch, the eco friendliness and beyond all, the playfulness of this educational toy.