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Bobo In The Hood's Upcycled Future

We are excited to share the secret behind the latest collaboration from two of our exhibitors.

BOBO in the Hood is a capsule collection between Bobo Choses and New Kids In The Hood. Created by using leftover pieces from the previous season of Bobo Choses and up-cycled cotton materials from New Kids in the Hood, the collection comprises of three cap styles - Beachballs, Tiki (for babies and kids), and Dazzle (for adults).

New Kids in the Hood was founded in 2018 with a goal to produce sustainable kidswear by up-cycling post consumer waste and industrial leftovers.

A clothing brand that speaks the language of children, Bobo Choses captures the magical way that children express themselves.

Bobo Choses shares some details with us about this capsule collection

How did you discover New Kids in the Hood?

We met New Kids in the Hood thanks to a common friend. She knew both brands and felt we had an amazing connection and we had to meet each other! We got an email from Sarah, one of the founders, creating this very first contact and we immediately fell in love with them and their story, and how they gave a new life to old fabrics.

What was the inspiration for the collaboration?

Sarah worked as a stylist in the fashion industry for many brands but suddenly decided to do social studies to open her mind and to do something meaningful. One day she met Hamdi at an art exhibition. He used to own a huge textile factory in his hometown in Syria. They started sewing some clothes together, taking old fabrics and shirts and sewed pants, shirts, hats and so many fun clothing and toys. Sarah's husband Florian, graphic designer, joined the project later on and they all decided to design caps, as they could not find any nice and sustainable caps anywhere for their son. Sarah made the pattern and Hamdi turned it into reality with old fabrics. The caps are pretty easy to up-cycle, as they don't need much fabric for each piece.

Can you tell us more about the idea of using up-cycled fabrics for the capsule collection?

So for this collaboration, they basically took some leftover fabrics of our past collections and adapted them to their existing patterns for babies, kids and adults. Like so, we got to create brand new products from existing fabrics, avoiding overproduction and reducing waste.

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Bobo in the Hood