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Babybites - A cheeky adventure

If you didn’t yet know the Babybites brand, then you’re in for a treat.

Founded in 2013 by two bubbly personalities, Sofia and Andrea, the brand rapidly met a huge success with their first incredibly funny shark sleeping bag designs that have now become world-famous and selling in over forty countries.
There is no doubt that they pull up a smile wherever they are seen but cheeky fun is not the only strong point about this amazing brand - all items are handmade with high quality cottons by local suppliers in and around Barcelona in order to support trustworthy and skilled craftsmen and seamstresses whilst always keeping a strong emphasis on making the products functional.

Over the years, the collections grew with other products such as muslins, bibs, towels, the Egg bag and this year, two breastfeeding pillows in the shape of a whale and seahorse, as well as five cradle quilts with funny embroidered figures and new pram sleeping bags.

We were curious to find out more, so Andrea, one of the Founders, kindly answered some of our questions.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and Sofia – what are your backgrounds and how did you two meet?

Sofia and I met a few years ago because at some point of our life we shared a boyfriend... Yes, it might sound weird, but it’s true! Leaving this aside, we became really good friends and it turned out that we shared many hobbies.
We discovered that we got on really well so we started to create things as a team. Sofia comes from the fashion world, and I studied interior design and jewelry. At that time, five years ago, we were both selling our creations in marketplaces and one day we decided to add a new market stall with our new common creation – the shark sleeping bag.

People’s positive reactions were more than we could ever have expected, we were really surprised by all the smiles and laughters!... However, sales didn’t follow so we thought that maybe marketplaces weren’t the right places to sell our products so we decided to open our own website... and here we are now!

How did the famous shark designs come about?

My brother-in-law’s wife was expecting a baby so I decided to create something special for his little one - a shark sleeping bag. It turned out horrible, terrifying, and too small for the little baby that looked huge in it!
Then I realized finally, after several hard attempts, that I didn’t know how to sew... so I asked Sofia for some help. After many samples, shapes, sizes and trying different materials, Baby Bites was born.

How would you describe the new collection and what is the inspiration behind it?

The latest collection is a way to establish our foundations as a brand dedicated to the babycare sector - adding new accessories and additions to our sleeping bags. Stay tuned because many new items are coming in 2018!

What has been the best part so far in the Babybites adventure?

The best part has been, without hesitation, the amusement of doing things that make people laugh, put a smile on their faces and make them go “ohhh... how sweet” We really love this reaction! I would also add all the things I’ve learned personally and as an entrepreneur over these years.

If you were to describe your brand in just three words, what would they be?

At first sight, you might think that Baby Bites creates things solely for babies, but I would very much like to turn it around and say that Baby Bites transforms the father and motherhood adventure into a funny adult game, adding amusement to functional baby products. So I would define Baby Bites as “An Adults Game

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The famous Shark sleeping bag in coral, pink and purple
Baby Bites transforms the father and motherhood adventure into a funny adult game, adding amusement to functional baby products.
Andrea Durall, co-founder of Babybites