United States

The attraction of Watchitude is our hundreds of amazing designs currently available. Our original slap watches are photographic, and printed in amazing colorful designs and patterns. Our patent pending process creates a hi gloss, durable finish of a beautifully printed image on the slap watch band and face, that never fades or peels.

All of our products were strategically engineered so that the artist’s styles are truly unlimited, and are always updated with current trends and themes. Both girl and boy original designs are available. Watchitude has global appeal, telling time in every language universally. Kids wear their Watchitudes everywhere, showing off their originality and attitude, matching with their outfit as a fashionable accessory.

Our new products are also amazing gifts for kids, including glow light-up watches, MOVE2 fitness watches, Jamm’d wireless speakers, brush’d scented hairbrushes, pop’d endless bubblewrap, and our fun masks which provide excellent protection for our kids as they go back to school, camp, and other activities.