Jojo Factory

The Jojos is the nickname Vanessa gives to her children, Oscar and Thelma. When Vanessa Denicourt, a fashion designer by training with a degree in textile design, decides to buy a bag for her son, she finds that the offer is
very limited in this area.
When her daughter was born in 2018, she joined forces with the know-how of her husband Florian Denicourt, designer of leather goods for famous brands, and launches a brand of bags and accessories for children, Jojo Factory. A fresh and accessible brand with qualitative materials.
Vanessa thinks of Jojo Factory as a poetry, a children's tale. The collections are decorated with exclusive and mixed prints, which tell a story, in soft and inspiring tones. It develops backpacks, satchels, small cases, toiletry bags, bananas ... Not to mention baby essentials and other essential accessories for playing or simply decorating. Her stylist eye allows her to divert and embellish practical everyday objects, far from childcare clichés: thanks to Vanessa, the most controversial of diaper bags can become a real fashion accessory.