LeOph is a new project of children’s footwear born within the Operha Studio, that has been operating in the design industry for over 25 years offering stylistic and technical consulting services to its clients. The company’s Know-how is the result of the passion and dedication that have always guided this small enterprise. The constant desire to work on new projects and collaborations have led the Studio to specialize in children’s footwear

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Studio Operha has been able to conceive its own brand, where design distinguishes the product but above all forge a high-quality brand, where nothing is left to chance.

Creativity meets technique and technique becomes the MADE IN ITALY tradition.

When we talk about leOPH we describe a trendy product where functionality and safety remain fundamental elements of this project. The child’s foot goes through various stages of growth therefore it is essential to know in depth the development processes of a foot contributing to correct growth while wearing the shoes.

The materials used are entirely selected according to what are the aesthetic purposes of a shoe with the foresight to invest in technologies and innovations so that they are safe and not harmful materials

The shoes are in leather with natural buffalo lining, a highly breathable material that keeps the foot dry. The tanning process of the leather takes place through water dyes with glycerin treatments as a result of a chromium-free product that is non-toxic or harmful to the skin of the child. No less important is also the attention to the glues commonly used in the production process those of  leOPH
are free of harmful components in favor of the health of the little ones in respect of nature.