In 1928, the grandfather of the family, Karl Halfen, founded the knitting factory in the small village near Koblenz, called Hungenroth. The production room was the kitchen in their own family home, and the tools were a small hand-knitting machine. Enough to produce the first product line, consisting of socks and underwear. Word of the quality of HALFEN® products spread quickly. The first customers came to buy HALFEN® underwear in exchange for eggs, meat and wine. The brand became established. After the end of the war, the local cattle sheds and barns were converted into production halls, where knitting, sewing and packaging still takes place today. New employees were hired and the company outgrew its home kitchen. The production range also expanded - from jackets and sweaters to blankets and pants, all sorts of things were now produced from wool. In 1982, due to a large order from the German Armed Forces, the knitting factory expanded again. With over a hundred employees, the HALFEN® company has since made a name for itself in Germany with high-quality wool processing. Quality Made in Germany. Since 2016, Fabian Halfen, great-grandson of Karl Halfen, has been managing the family business in the fourth generation.