Jolie Maiya is the meeting between the French bohemian style and the Beninese origins of its creator Edwige.A French designer brand offering timeless and bohemian pieces with ethnic and colorful details.Mom of two daughters, Maïwen and Jahya, Edwige is at the heart of each of creations, imagined and drawn by her and recently produced in a workshop on a larger scale.She draws her imagination from her African origins as well as her love for travels and differents cultures.With comfort and freedom being a priority, our clothes offer ample cuts leaving children perfectly free to enjoy their natural movements.In order to take care of the most fragile skin, more than 90% of the pieces are made with plant fabrics.Respect for people and the environment being obvious to Jolie Maïya, our clothing workshop holds certifications guaranteeing respect for the working conditions of our subcontractors, the environment according to local standards and especially banning child labour.Jolie Maïya prefers to produce to order to avoid overproduction and waste.This is possible thanks to the responsiveness of the workshop with which Edwige works, which mobilizes a team of 4 people dedicated to the brand in order to guarantee optimal quality and speed of production.The most important thing is that each pieces are offered to you have been imagined, dreamed of, made with care and above all with LOVE, Edwige