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ternPaks accessories and toys that give families more moments to connect with each other while disconnected! From delightfully curated backpacks to our thoughtful individual screen-free products, we want your family to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Our products are practical, engaging, fun, durable, portable, offer unstructured play, foster creativity.Whether you are crossing time zones or dining at your favorite restaurant, ternPaks has a variety of high quality products designed to stimulate fun learning and creativity on the go! From STEM inspired toys, to watercolor gel crayons, children will be happily entertained! Our brand started out of a tangible need to find products that traveled well for our families. We sought items that were fun, engaging, and educational, while still maintaining a high level of quality and design. We were determined to marry aesthetics with functionality. While curating items for our own families, we were constantly asked by other parents throughout trips about the things we chose. We decided to design the best options for children ages 5-10, creating opportunities for learning anywhere!