Chikatai is a crane who believes that everything fantastic starts with a great music and that is why the first track in our life matters. Established in 2017, Chikatai is a small enterprise focused on baby décor and toy manufacturing. All products are handmade with certified materials and fully comply with international standards for product safety. Chikatai’s toys aim to strengthen children’s relationships with animals, birds, water inhabitants core to the brand’s philosophy as we believe that people who love and care for living creatures are driven by nothing but kindness. That is why we decided to help strengthen their relationship from the very childhood. Most of the toys are musical – they play melodies by most famous Georgian composer – Giya Kancheli. All our products are handmade in Georgia. In addition to reflecting Chikatai’s ethos through its toy designs, the brand’s commitment to a sustainable world can be reflected through the way it conducts business. From advancing ecologically sustainable economic choices through awareness raising and recycling initiatives to strengthening multi-sectoral partnerships for the goals. We cooperate with the companies, which use certified fabric materials (100% cotton) and collect their leftovers. Little details of our baby decor give us the possibility to contribute even from a very small pieces of fabric so it is possible to minimize the waste. All the toys of this line have the tag with the information about the importance of the issue that will raise awareness of consumers as well. We have an open call for partnership with other responsible brands who are ready to donate their pre-consumer leftovers from the cutting stage and are ready to give them a new life. Maybe it is not much that we can do for our dear planet but we believe that Little Steps Matter!