A Muffin in the Oven
United States

A Muffin in the Oven promises our babies and toddlers ethical, organic, and chic clothing and accessories that are 100% natural and 100% made with love: our products are sustainably designed in Italy and manufactured by our master sewers in our very own garment factory in Peru, where we are committed to a Zero-Waste production model. Now, that’s sustainable! When you couple sustainability with innovation and design, the match is magical.We wanted the world’s softest fabrics, which led us to discover TRU - Pima ®, the only genetically proven, genuine Pima cotton fiber. Ideal for creating first-class quality garments, it is second to none in brightness, softness, and durability creating garments so amazing that you’ll be able to hand-me-down from child to child for years. Hypoallergenic and completely free of harmful substances, our ideals and garments are a perfect match for babies and kids across our globe.We offer a wide range of products, including basics, sleepwear, everyday outfits, underwear, bath clothing and super useful accessories. We hope you love the products as much as love creating them. Thank you for visiting A Muffin in the Oven.